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The label Coachissima was born out of music! You know 'fortissimo' (ital.), it is the increase of 'forte' and means 'very strong'. At this sign, a musician knows that he has to become very loud -  with the full potential he has.


With Coachissima it is the same. You become stronger, your inner voice becomes louder and after a couple of coaching hours you will perfectly fit in the orchestra that you have chosen: your own smart business or the company you work for.

What does a New Leader differently?

  • New Leaders transform New Work into purposeful flexibility.
  • New Leaders deal with paradoxical requirements.
  • New Leaders have confidence in their team, they are not in command.
  • New Leaders share and collaborate.
  • New Leaders enjoy what they are doing.
  • New Leaders look at themselves with a gentle eye.

Gain the most out of your coaching


Coachissima offers you a variety of approaches to increase your potential.

Above all, my coaching base is Berlin. Next to that, Sicily and the small historical town Trapani have become my second home. With sunny surroundings and a sea view on both sides of the town, new ideas come easily and you will be astonished, how productive you can be within a few days. Find out for yourself!

Copy/paste is not my style!  I combine the essentials of every education attended so that you can delicately grab the best out of it. These are my approaches for New Leaders:


The 'gentle-eye-method' gives you the essence of 5 leadership and coaching methods. Each of these 5 methods will change your attitude towards work, towards living, towards yourself. You become a positive and progressive designer and creator.
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Workation is part of New Work or better: the new way of working. It means WORK and VACATION– time for yourself, as you can combine work and enjoyment. Not only digital natives should benefit from remote work, I offer  it as a chance to everybody. Your step out will take 2,3, or 5 days. 
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A third brand is in preparation.
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I - 91000 Trapani



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