Influence: intelligence and intuition are two friends of a New Leader

Inspire others
A New Leader influences his team by Inspiration

Influence is one of twelve Emotional and Social Intelligence Leadership Competencies* in the model Daniel Goleman developed with Richard Boyatzis. Influence as a competency refers to the ability to have a positive impact on others, to persuade or convince them, or to gain their support. Sounds simple, is great work indeed.


Daniel Goleman says: “Simply share your idea as soon as you think of it, when it would come off as half-baked, with little research or support. Take the time to consider the perspectives of different decision makers to present the idea in a way that considers each party’s objectives and so, eventually, bring everyone on board.”  

You want to try it? Do you believe that Leaders can   be inspirational Leaders?


*The link brings you to an overview of Daniel Goleman’s latest issue on Emotional Intelligence within Linkedin.

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