Workation - work with sea view

Imagine: less stress, fewer interruptions and no deadlines. And imagine, you’ll get more time to research and develop yourself as well?

Can’t be done? It works. Take a plane for two hours and fly to Sicily, discover a small unspoiled and romantic city on the west coast and book 2 ½ days of diving into your preferred challenge.

This is called Workation, a mix between vacation and work, between holiday and task that should be tackled on in these 2 ½ days.


Which are the advantages of a Workation compared to a series of coaching-sessions?


Now, apart from the fact, that your mood will jump high at 20-28 ° C (70 – 80 F) in spring and that Trapani's historical attractions and picturesque bays invite you for a swim, your project will be enriched with new facets and better outlines. At the same time that we deal with your topics I take good care of your personal development, your attitude towards yourself, your social and leadership competencies.


A Workation allows you to


  1.    Work in a more compact way
  2.    Act more concentrated
  3.    Relax free of disturbances
  4.    Become more receptive
  5.    Bloom in your creativity
  6.    Make an inner clear-up and
  7.    Start again with new energy

The Italian best-known 'dolce vita' feeling helps you to relax, the beaches invite you for a sun bath, islands can be reached shortly by hydrofoil, Italian food is fabulous and healthy. Taste the sea food, fresh from the local market! Palermo - the Sicilian capital - just an hour away! I live half of the year in Sicily and I love to give you more hints for the 'vacation' part.


Here some more hard facts for the 'work' – part:

Workation already is part of the employee qualification program of many corporations. HR-leaders support this form of working as it makes 'new work' touchable. Freelancers – even if no digital natives – love to combine work and ocean, as in this atmosphere they can be more creative and productive. Disturbances by phone calls, meetings or stressed late hour shopping disappear. Away from touristic destinations, this small city has remarkable highlights for budget prices 

Italians love to promenade, visit the same small trattorias  and bars like we do. Just enjoy the colorful surrounding, relax and be sure: my dedicated coaching will do the rest!


If now you have desire to move your task, your development as leader or one of my coaching programs like the'gentle-eye-method' for a few days towards southern Europe, just ask for more information at mail@coachissima.com. Or ask for free dates at +49 173 8233211. I can also talk to your HR division, if necessary.

Benvenuto e a presto!!

Best, Rike

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