What moves me


Who I am


I like to travel in the outside and the inside world. Watching people from a tiny cafe with the sun on my face and the sea rushing in front of me - these are the moments when I feel rich. 
Being a journalist with a fresh diploma in my hands, I moved right into the world of wording and branding. The passion for it still remains. 15 years of good experience later I changed into coaching and training. Formations and training in TA, innovation-coaching, Life-Coaching and Supervision followed. Emotional Intelligence from Daniel Goleman excited me and the Self-Compassion concept of Kristin Neff and Chris Germer brought me my inner peace. I am passionate about reading and - being gifted by a deep intuition -  I understand the sense of people's purpose even more.
Meet me in exiting Berlin, Germany, and in colorful Trapani, Sicily. Or even else!

My counsel themes


Development of personality, self-conduction, authentic Leadership

Emotional Intelligence, i.e. sense of self, empathy, management of relations, influence, inspiration.

Dealing with stress, (suspected) failure, tricky situations.

My leadership idea


Authentic leadership can do both: realize a good ambience inside and produce good turnover and profit outside. For this you need empathic leader-personalities, who can empathize into others but also keep numbers in mind. For Companies it’s about time to create spaces for self-determined employees. I do think that HR as an empathic influencer and business leaders of the company are called to push this transformation and to escort it together.

My quality assurance


Certified Supervisor by DGSv

Certified Coach by DGTA

Certified Innovation-Coach (University of Augsburg-Germany)

Certified Life-Coach (Bock-Academy, Berlin)


Author for Süddeutsche Zeitung, Page, Gründerszene etc.


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