The emotional Turnaround    Become a passionate Leader

Emotional experts

Today’s leaders use not only their IQ, but their EQ ‘Emotional Intelligence’.

Following Daniel Goleman’s concept, emotional empathy means you resonate with how another person feels. But even before that, a leader first must manage her- or himself. Name it and develop you own Leader style.

Social pioneers

Startups and Innovators do not focus on products alone: what counts in the next decades is our ability to answer the increasing social questions. Social innovators create participatory and open processes to develop perspectives for existing needs. I am at your service for growing your idea!

Mindful seekers

Leadership makes you feeling isolated? With Self Compassion (Neff/Germer)

you’ll find out how to deal with destructive thoughts and feelings. You develop an positive attitude! Free yourself, then you can free others.

Find your silver linings!

Everything is connected. Everything can be influenced. Everything is possible.

Are you aware of the 4th industrial revolution? According to the World Economic Forum, this ongoing revolution is changing working skills tremendously. And what’s most notable: Emotional Intelligence will become one of the top skills needed by everyone. Here human being differs from robot.


The emotional turnaround shows up already today: humanity, social values and ‘mindfulness’ as key words have already arrived in the industry.


I inspire Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Startups to benefit from their emotions and their intuition. This will enable them to open a door to a new understanding of leadership.