The lightness of being

Transforming heaviness into lightness - is possible through coaching and supervision

Coaching reflects on one’s own pursuits. If the task feels like you’re wearing a heavy backpack, it’s time to consider where the journey is 
going. I can offer you in-depth expertise in the services sector. 

Supervision aims at developing and improving job satisfaction. It facilitates streamlined work procedures; working as a filter, functioning prophylactically and maintaining the psychological wellbeing of your employees.

The charm of less enters the working environment.

When the professionally successful take their foot of the accelerator, one talks of 'Downshifting'.


Less stress, less dependency, less frustration, more for you, more of your vision, more of your design, more of your relationships. More to what you can say “yes” to. Nothing seems impossible – but what suits you best? 

Burnout prevention – You can be 'on fire' without burning yourself

Around 9 million people are affected by this so-called burnout syndrome nationwide. It is a complex mix of physical and mental exhaustion, leading a frustrating drop in performance. Long working hours, regular business trips and a strong commitment don’t need to be harmful. But if you have the feeling that you can’t get off the treadmill, the feeling of powerlessness will prevail. As a burnout- and career coach I can help you take the reins back in your hands. 

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