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Frederic Laloux reinventing organizations video series

Only a few years ago, Frédéric Laloux wrote the book 'Reinventing Organizations' - I mentioned it already on my ABOUT site, it is one of my favorites books, for me it is one of the pioneer books who to transform in the age of New Work.


The book answered the question: is it possible to run organizations in a whole new way? I now know the answer to be an emphatic “Yes!” Since then, a new question emerged: So how do we do it? How do we reinvent an existing organization in such fundamental ways? That’s Frédérics topic of this video series.


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Thoughts for top leaders

Perspectives on the journey

Starting the journey



Evolutionary purpose

If the CEO is not on board

How this series came to life

On his video site, Laloux explains how he got the idea of explaining bit by bit, what he meant in his book. 


'When I wrote the book Reinventing Organizations, I thought I was done with the topic. But since the book came out, I’ve had a number of conversations with CEOs who are boldly transforming their organizations. And across the conversations, I noticed some patterns. There are some misunderstandings that showed up often, some pitfalls that quite a few of these organizations discovered. Certain questions came back again and again. A few approaches seem to work really well for different companies.' And as he was encouraging everybody to do the same: 

'Suddenly I found my notebook full of interesting insights ... and I felt it would be sad not to share them.'
Unleash your potential and go ahead with courage. 

Watch the videos and tell me, if you like them! - Rike

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