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Lina Pfeifer | Organic Production Specialist | GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard gGmbH


'I highly benefited from concepts surrounding leadership/new work/emotional intelligence'

During the past months I have been coached by Rike for a business coaching on emotional intelligence. This coaching has been supported by my employer GOTS and couldn't have been more on time. Rike accompanied me during a transformational process in the organisation, where together with her help we developed a newly established position at GOTS - combining the needs of the organisation as well as identifying and looking into my personal values and needs to make a fit. The coaching helped me to deepen my knowledge on personal growth, leadership and efficient communication in a cross cultural environment.

The most helpful outcome was to be truly aware of my core values & to be able to incorporate them when figuring out new paths for GOTS as well as to train a co-worker to overtake my past responsibilities.

Additionally, being employed at a Non-Profit Organisation, I highly benefited from the vast experience with profit-oriented companies/ different leadership styles and thorough questions that Rike has guided me through. She is well read in different concepts surrounding leadership/new work/emotional intelligence and is able to provide hands on solutions tailored for your unique situation.

July 2018 - February 2019

Sustainable Leadership Coaching

Phil und Caro | CEO’s Phil & Lui GmbH | Unique sustainable garment


'working intensively in sunny surroundings'

Our workation was fascinating because we worked intensively on our company structure on the one side and enjoyed the sunny and relaxing surroundings on the other hand. Thank you for giving us the right impulses and fresh ideas!

3-days-Workation December 2018

Sustainable Leadership Coaching

Luke Walker | Global Marketing Manager | S-CAPE GmbH


'classic empathetic leadership principles mixed with her own modern formulas'

Trainings with Rike were helpful in enabling me to identify my core leadership strengths, understand them, and build a comprehensive leadership style around them. Her method employs classic empathetic leadership principles mixed with her own modern formulas, an ideal blend for progressive leaders in transitioning companies and industries.

Coaching Period: April 2018 - July 2018

Leadership Trainings and Personal Coaching  

Eliza Hirvensalo | CEO and Co-Founder WeSource UG


 'Rike is a true people and leadership genius.'

She prepares individual, thoughtful coaching session to focus on your strengths and find your personal leadership style using Emotional Intelligence. If you are looking to professionalize your leadership skills, to lead with ease, there is no better person to talk to than Rike.
Coaching Period: November 2017 - December 2017 

Personality and Leadership Coaching

Esther Schaarhüls | UX Designer / Art Director / Illustrator 


'integral coaching with heart and method'

Mrs. Bucher knows to ask the key questions. Questions that link you again with your inner voice and intuition. With her warm and wise but also certain personality I always felt in good hands. I thank Rike for her time and her passionate work.

Coaching Period: February 2017 - April 2017

Career/ Skill Coaching

Heike Hess | Director office IVN e.V. - The International Association of Natural Textiles 

'It was really exciting, motivating and has shown me many possibilities for the future.'

I was amazed about how much an intuitive coaching can do to me.

Rike Bucher has found out fast my strong and week points and showed them to me in a compassionate way.

To find the big goal, to have confidence in my own talents and to affront difficult situations in a self-confident way were just some of the benefits. She enabled me to point out my position much clearer and always keep in mind the main goals. What is particularly precious is that I regained a great satisfaction in my job and increased my effectiveness.

Coaching Period: September 2016 - August 2017



Rike Bucher 
International Coach

D-10439 Berlin and
I - 91000 Trapani



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